production of UAV systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Types of unmanned aerial vehicles and Mobile Systems

What do we offer: unmanned aerial vehicles and UAV-based mobile units developed and produced by FlyCam in line with our partners.

 •  UAV Mobile Systems mounted on Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, KamAZ off-road trucks. The UAV Mobile System consists of ordinary truck in stock equipped for safe transportation and operation of the UAV in adverse conditions. The Mobile System shall have sleeping compartment accommodating UAV Pilot and Engineer. It can be fully integrated Mobile System with   number of UAVs onboard for simultaneous coverage of vast territories. It can also serve as Operations Control Center and have UAV control software, satellite communications equipment, communication channels encryption equipment for data transmission to the Central Command Center.
   The truck mounted UAV Mobile System can have optional wired UAV unit cabled to the ground vehicle resulting in longer autonomous operations, greater distance range and wider variety of missions performable. The ground vehicle can be moving on a pre-set route and UAV will be following it in the airborne position ensuring coverage of the target area. This option presumes extremely long time of autonomous UAV operations (up to few days, ground truck fuel limited only).

 •  UAV Mobile System developed for Police and Special Forces units.
  This version is designed as full-fledged functionality UAV Mobile System mounted on a van.
   The unit includes multi-rotor UAV Flycam RG-6 Hex or Flycam RC-4 Tactic for prompt deployment in the field. The missions can include: filming with ordinary camera as well as thermal vision camera for city special operations. The unit is of robust and heavy-duty design for special operations.
Van mounted UAV Mobile System allows for wired UAV version deployment resulting in the UAV flight time limited to the ground van fuel capacity only. In case the UAV is connected to the land power line, the UAV flight time is unlimited.
      This version will be a perfect solution for monitoring of public events with massive people gatherings etc.  The van must be equipped with mobile Operations Control Center, satellite communications systems for transmitting of video stream and other data to the Central Command Center of the respective Special Forces Detachment. The software installed allows for automated UAV control, i.e. automatic take-off and landing as well as cruising over the controlled area on pre-set coordinates.
   The UAV Mobile Systems can be used as mobile Operations Control Center for other operative missions. The UAV Mobile Systems must have sufficient number of equipped and ready-to-fly UAVs onboard to ensure non-stop operations of the Mobile System unit.

•    LIDAR mobile unit.
MicroFly platform was specifically designed for proper operations of LIDAR module. Our product uses LIDAR -Light Identification Detection and Ranging laser scanner. The system ensures scanning of the ground surfaces and ground infrastructure directly from the UAV. The scanned data packages are transmitted in a real-time mode to the Operator workstation with immediate scanned surface 3D-model imaging.

 The immense speed of the data collection and its unrivalled precision put the system into the lime-spot of various industrial companies, state authorities and Special Services’ interests:

  • Land surveying of open pits and topographical survey for mining companies.

  • Inspections of power transmission lines, pipelines, flyovers.

  • Monitoring of construction sites.

  • Operative 3D-mapping during special operations by the state agencies.

  • Assessment and online monitoring of various emergency situations and its consequences (floods, landslides, earthquakes).

  • Research in the area of environmental protection and climate changes.

  • Agricultural operations (as far as evaluation of the height and dimensions of vegetation in pastures and forests).

•   Mobile unit with hybrid 3-axis thermo-vision camera.
The UAV can carry 3-axis thermal imaging camera with data online transmission to the Operator workstation. It allows for detection of heat zones (vs background temperature) and accomplishing a number of critical tasks:

  • Detection of live objects in low-light conditions and/or camouflaged objects during Emergency Response  operations (search and rescue missions), criminal intelligence units operations, security enforcements and environmental protection efforts.

  • The video analysis data ensures perimeter security. Operator sees all the alarms triggered at the workstation.

  • Detection and identification of vehicles and active equipment within the target area. Thermographic imaging inspection of power transmission lines, substations, pipelines, pump stations, process equipment, units and assemblies.

  • Thermographic imaging inspection of buildings and structures for any kind of leaks, thermal insulation damages, structural deficiencies.