production of UAV systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Flycam Services

Our company provides a wide range of services in production and operations of UAVs:

  • Customized UAV design development and production.

  • Full-fledged, top quality, prompt repair and maintenance in our production compound in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • UAV Pilots School.

  • UAVs introduction assistance and client’s personnel training.

  • Design development and establishment of protected (encrypted) communication channels (UAV-ground control station-Operations Control Center).

  • Development of software for UAV onboard computers and ground control stations.

  • UAV integration into various security systems.

  • Turn-key development of UAVs integrated PSIM intelligent security systems.

  • UAV control station integration with neural network.

UAV applications:

  • Express video reconnaissance for the state Special Services and Emergency Response.

  • Terrain surface imaging and  topographic base map (nadir aerial survey)

  • Geodetic surveys: demarcation, cadastral registry, land plots inventory...

  • Video inspections of hard-to-reach objects (roofs, pipes, masts, towers, derricks etc.)

  • Aerial survey of commercial real estate, elite residential and production premises 

  • Assessment of construction work-in-progress facilities, landscape aerial survey

  • Municipal infrastructure filming 

  • Archeological work area filming 

  • Monitoring of wild species population in open fields 

  • Monitoring  of agricultural fields conditions 

  • Local agricultural aviation (chemicals spraying)

  • Aerial filming of events and venues for TV broadcasting and web resources (YouTube)

  • Staged photo and video shooting for motion-picture studios and television production companies