production of UAV systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Flycam Security Systems

    FlyCam LLC. provides PSIM based intelligent security systems with integrated automated UAV control. Turn-key design and development is provided with the support of our partners - SM TRADE Corporation.

   If it is not feasible or inexpedient to place video cameras along the whole perimeter of the secured facility, UAV shall solve your problem. UAVs will expand the coverage area of your security system eyes.
    Traditional security systems rely on the human factor.
Flycam security Experts took it into account during development of our solution minimizing  human factor in the system operations and integrated UAV control.

   Upon alarm event PSIM shall transmit the coordinates to the UAV. After that the UAV takes off and heads out to the point of destination automatically with NO Operator involved.    

PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is the platform allowing to integrate
multiple disparate security applications and devices and to control them through one
comprehensive user interface.