production of UAV systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Flycam Microfly platform

Our experts have developed MicroFly platform for various types of UAVs (multi-rotor, rotary wing and fixed wing). The platform is a set of electronics and firmware for comprehensive UAV control. The platform allows for integration of UAV controls into PSIM intelligent security systems.

The platform is used for various multi-rotor systems (quadro-, hexa-, octo-copters), fixed wing and rotary wing UAVs pre-production prototypes successfully developed and tested.

The platform incorporated all our own experience and foreign UAV manufacturers’ lessons learnt. Our comprehensive efforts resulted into stable platform operations applicable for a wide range of missions.

Stability of the platform operations is the vital factor for onboard placement of high-end costly equipment and safety during city, mountains and adverse meteorological conditions deployments.

Software has been developed for onboard computer ensuring automated flight control. It resulted in significant ease for the Pilots, Operators and support personnel in addition to expansion of performable tasks range.

Ground control station is autonomous firmware unit ensuring online control of the UAV, receipt and processing of video stream and telemetric data from the UAV, setting and adjustment of flight task order as well as transmitting the required data to the Operations Control Center. The ground control station fits into water/shock-proof case and contains all necessary components for autonomous work.

FlyCam system consists of ground UAV control station plus specially equipped ground vehicle for transportation, if necessary. MicroFly platform allows for UAV operations without ground control station making the system ideal for special operations.

Main hardware control boards are assembled in FlyCam production compound in Kazakhstan. Software for microcontrollers and ground control station is already developed by FlyCam Experts.


Ground station

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