production of UAV systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan

About us

   FlyCam LLC provides design development, production and integration of UAVs in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We also develop and deploy smart security systems (PSIM) integrated into one comprehensive and customized turn-key solution. FlyCam LLC was established by professional Engineers and has grown into a team of true professionals in aviation, radio-electronics, software development, data communications, physical protection and information security, 3D-modeling, composite materials.

   What do we do:

  • Design development and manufacturing of different types of UAVs with automated control. Development and deployment of computer vision systems with neural networks deep integration. Neural networks integration for UAV control.

  • Deployment of PSIM smart security systems.

  • UAVs and security systems integration for automated control of fragmentary order (ATO) completion with NO Operator involved.

  • Development and deployment of UAVs integrated security systems. The systems ensure security of closed perimeter facilities (buildings, land plots and borders security) with surveillance cameras coverage area expanded by UAVs.

  • Basic trainings and advance trainings for UAVs Pilots.

FlyCam Pilot School invites newcomers and advanced Pilots for various UAV Pilot trainings. We provide services on search of requested level UAV Pilots for our clients.
All of our Instructors are reputable Experts in model airplane engineering having over 20 years experience in UAVs, radio-controlled models and various unmanned systems development and operations. Instructors of FlyCam Pilots School had been frequent Champion title holders in multiple FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) championships and tournaments.

Relying on our extensive experience, world best practices and good relations with our partners-world leading manufacturers of electronics, we manage to design and produce absolutely unique and unrivalled technical systems on the CIS market. FlyCam products surpass some foreign counterparts on flight performance parameters. FlyCam has substantial experience in development and introduction of UAV Mobile Systems both off-road trucks and vans mounted. Mobile ground systems allowed for application of wired UAV with outstanding flight time.

We completed development of proprietary software for UAV control as well as for ground control stations. Nowadays we also focus on integration of UAV control system into PSIM smart security system. The target product shall unite video stream and other data from different sources under single platform to be installed at Operations Control Centers.                
Our efforts resulted into production of unique system allowing AUTOMATIC RESPONSE to the arising emergency situations thus reducing human factor during UAVs and UAV Mobile Systems operations.

   We further improve our proprietary autopilot system integrated into neural network as well as proprietary software for our UAV onboard systems.
  We target our efforts at development of autopilot system with unique and strongly sought for functionality range allowing for automatic exiting by our UAV of the radio-electronic jamming zone. We continue flight tests of our rotary wing UAVs which brings us to the level of the top world UAV players.

   FlyCam has already proven its success in development of proprietary UAV software, conducting UAVs flight tests and having accumulated substantial amount of flight hours for our products. We are sure to say that our UAVs surpass many foreign counterparts when it comes to flight performance and some of our UAVs achieved the level of the world sports flight records.

Our company was established in 2003 as a community of like-minded Engineers in aeromodelling. We continued expanding our experience, participation in international sports events and building-up our partnership with world leading manufacturers of various aviation equipment and electronic components. Our company was gradually transformed into scientific and production facility when new aviation Experts joined us. We focused on development and production of our own proprietory UAV models and associated equipment, including electronic components, our own software products for onboard computers and control stations, composite technologies with the cutting-edge developments of the world chemical industry.
The Company in its present form was formed in the year 2008.

Adjustment of microwave equipment

Manufacturing base

Stand for testing and charging batteries

Pilot School Simulator